Best Substitutes for Roma Tomatoes

Roma tomatoes are plum tomatoes used for canning and can be purchased in supermarkets as a food ingredient. The Roma tomato is one of the most common tomatoes sold in Western supermarkets and grocery stores.

Roma tomatoes are used in tomato paste, passata, and various recipes and are grown in the United States, United Kingdom, Mexico, Italy, Australia, and more.

In this article, we’re exploring the five best alternative options for Roma tomatoes if you find yourself needing a substitute. We’ll be exploring other plum tomatoes as these make the ideal replacement tomato for the Roma varieties. So without further ado!

1. San Marzano

San Marzano tomatoes are one of the best plum tomatoes out there, and if you can get them, you’d be making a considerable upgrade to the Roma variety. With a rich meatiness and just enough sweetness, the San Marzano is a mighty tomato.

You can find San Marzano tomatoes in grocery stores and markets. One thing about them is that they can be hard to miss due to being placed prominently on shelves and are often priced as a luxury item!

2. Ropreco

If you want fresh tomato replacement for Roma, the Ropreco tomato is the one we would recommend as they taste even better than Roma tomatoes do.

You can also find them canned, although it is not as common to see these on the shelves of supermarkets and grocery stores.

3. Plum Tomatoes

Roma tomatoes are just one type of plum tomato.

Regular canned plum tomatoes have to come high up on the list for one good reason. Most canned tomatoes are, in fact, varieties of Roma tomato.

There are many varieties of Roma tomatoes that are cultivated, canned, and sold on the shelves of supermarkets. If you check the labels, you might find that you are looking at a lovely tin of Roma.

Should the plum tomatoes hanging around in your pantry not be Roma, then they still make an excellent option as a substitute since they will offer the same textures and much of the richness that all plum tomatoes boast.

4. Amish Paste

These are tomatoes that might have nothing to do with the Amish, and they also aren’t sold only as a paste. But, if that all seems very confusing, then the taste won’t. One of the most sought-after tomatoes in recent years, the Amish Paste tomato won’t disappoint you if you can find it as a Roma replacement. It tastes similar to the premium quality of a San Marzano while also offering the delightful sweetness of the Roma.

5. Big Mama

Oh, mama mia! Do you want a plum tomato that makes you want to sing? The big mama is ideal for thick and creamy sauces, passatas for pizzas, and almost everything between, making them an excellent Roma tomato alternative.

You can reduce whole big mama tomatoes into a sauce as they are famed for being easy peelers, while you can use the canned varieties for various uses.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the difference between a Roma tomato and a regular tomato?

Romas have fleshier pulps with less juice than a regular tomato and so boil down faster than a regular tomato. Roma tomatoes are a form of plum tomato, making them the ideal choice for delicious sauces and canned tomatoes. The roma tomato is oval and plum-shaped, whereas a regular salad tomato is typically uniformly round.

Are Roma and cherry tomatoes the same?

No. Roma tomatoes are plum tomatoes – which are larger than cherry tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are small, round, and sweet. Plum tomatoes, like Romas are large and oval-shaped.