Roma Tomatoes Vs. Cherry Tomatoes

What are the differences when comparing Roma tomatoes vs. cherry tomatoes? That’s a question you’ve probably asked at the market or store. There are so many tomatoes to choose from that making a choice can be confusing.

What Are Roma Tomatoes?

Roma tomatoes, also called Italian Plum tomatoes, are oval-shaped, firm, and slender. And they’re often sold on the vine. These tomatoes are fleshy with very few seeds or moisture and range from mild to slightly tangy in flavor. 

If you need a base for sauces, gravies, and spicy Indian dishes, choose Roma tomatoes. And they’re ideal for making salsa. You can also eat Roma tomatoes raw and enjoy their fresh, crisp flavor or add them to salads. Their low moisture content prevents them from making salads soggy and gives them great flavor.

What Are Cherry Tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes are small, sweet, round tomatoes with high water content.

They are believed to be a mix of regular garden tomatoes and wild currant-type tomatoes. You may find yellow, red, or green cherry tomatoes at the market.

They are so deliciously sweet and juicy that many people enjoy eating them fresh as they are.

The tropical, sweet flavor of cherry tomatoes makes them an ideal ingredient for salads. Or you could roast on the vine as a side. They are also often included in kebabs, pizzas, and pasta dishes.

Roma Tomatoes Vs. Cherry Tomatoes: What’s The Difference?

Roma tomatoes and cherry tomatoes differ widely in size, taste, color, and moisture content. Let’s take a closer look at these differences.


Cherry tomatoes are often red but can be found in yellow or green in stores. On the other hand, Roma tomatoes are usually a vibrant red to deep pink color. 


Cherry tomatoes and Roma tomatoes are entirely different in size. Roma tomatoes measure about 3 inches long. However, cherry tomatoes are small, the size of a cherry or twice that size.

The size difference between Roma and cherry tomatoes determines their use in cooking. While cherry tomatoes are favored in salads, Roma tomatoes are large enough to grill.

Moisture Content

When you cut into a cherry tomato, you’ll notice that they are bursting with flavorful juice. This differs from Roma tomatoes which contain very little juice but compensate for it with thick flesh.


Cherry tomatoes are typically round, while Roma tomatoes are oval-shaped. The unique shape of these tomatoes makes them ideal for preparing different dishes. 

For example, the oval shape of Roma tomatoes makes them great for grilling and cutting into sauces and stews. But the small shape of cherry tomatoes makes them ideal for salads and snacking.


Although you can use these tomato varieties interchangeably, their properties make them ideal for specific uses. Whatever you choose to use these tomatoes in, their varying flavors make a tasty addition to most dishes. And with the above guide, you’ll always be aware of the differences when comparing Roma tomatoes vs. cherry tomatoes.