Amish Paste Tomato Vs. Roma Tomatoes

Are you confused about the difference between Amish Paste tomato vs. Roma tomatoes? We have done quite a bit of research to clear up any doubts once and for all. Some may prefer a specific shape or flavor of tomatoes. And the Amish Paste and Roma tomatoes look very different and have their distinctive flavor profile.

What Are Amish Paste Tomatoes?

The Amish Paste tomato is a type of plum tomato that originated in Wisconsin. While these types of tomatoes are usually used for cooking, they are sweet enough to be eaten raw. 

These tomatoes were first used in the 1870s in one of the oldest Amish communities. Amish Paste tomatoes are available in various colors and flavors, depending on your choice.

As the name suggests, these tomatoes are usually used to make sauce or paste. As such, they work well in dishes where they are cooked down or pureed into a soup. 

These large, heart-shaped tomatoes have a meaty, juicy center and a thick outer skin. The low acid content in this variety is responsible for the fruit’s juicy texture and rich flavor. 

What Are Roma Tomatoes?

Also known as Italian Plum tomatoes, Roma tomatoes are a hybrid tomato variety developed in 1955. It is believed that the scientists in Maryland crossed the Pan American tomato with the San Marzano tomato. 

Roma tomatoes are slightly elongated and have an egg-like structure. And they’re usually approximately 3 inches long.

These tomatoes are a good choice if you want more crunch in your tomato fruit. You can eat them raw or chop them up for your salads. These tomatoes are bright red and have a smooth and thick outer shell. 

Roma tomatoes have fewer seeds than many other tomato varieties. They also have meaty flesh inside, are sweeter than most tomatoes, and have a high acidy level.

Amish Paste Tomato Vs. Roma Tomatoes: What’s the Difference?

While both Amish Paste and Roma tomatoes are used for making sauce or paste, they are widely different. 

Shape: Amish Paste tomatoes are heart-shaped, round tomatoes, while the Roma tomatoes are slightly cylindrical. 

Color: Roma tomatoes are typically bright red, whereas Amish tomatoes come in various colors.

Composition: Compared to an Amish Paste tomato, Roma tomatoes have fewer seeds and are denser. 

Texture: Roma tomatoes are slightly crunchier and have more flesh inside them. However, this is not the case with the juicy Amish Paste tomato.

Flavor: Roma tomatoes are much sweeter and have a higher acidic content than Amish Paste tomatoes.


While both Amish Paste and Roma tomatoes are used to make sauce and puree, they are different in their taste and texture. So, it’s a good idea to taste them before you use either one for your next pasta sauce. However, with our above guide, there should be no confusion when comparing Amish Paste Tomato vs. Roma tomatoes.