11 Delicious Sides for Pork Chops

Pork chops are a great staple; they are delicious and versatile enough to pair well with many different foods. Combining the above with the fact that they are generally quick and easy to prepare, they make an excellent base for all sorts of meals. So what should you actually serve with pork chops?

Which side dish is most appealing to you? Check out these 11 side dishes that will turn your succulent pork chops into a meal to remember.

What to Serve With Pork Chops

1. Applesauce

Picture a medieval banquet, and you cannot help but see a roasted hog with an apple in its mouth. Pork and apples are a classic combination and for a good reason. The juxtaposition of the sweet burst of flavor provided by applesauce with the succulent savory of the pork makes for a winning combo.

2. Sticky Rice

Sticky rice features in a significant number of different Asian recipes. Cheap and easy to make, sticky rice provides some added texture to a meal. Add your favorite veggies (we love broccoli, green onion, and mushrooms), some soy sauce, and sesame oil for flavor, and you have the perfect tasty and healthy counterbalance to a juicy pork chop.

3. Carrots

Sweet and salty is a recurring theme in this list, but it is popular for a reason. Carrots may seem a boring option. However, if you cook them just right, they make a wonderful pairing for pork chops. 

Sauté the carrots in butter, brown sugar, and your preferred seasoning for an irresistible caramelized glaze that compliments pork chops in both its sweetness and crunchy texture.

4. Corn Bread

Looking for something a little heartier? Then look no further. Cornbread is the perfect side dish to add some good old-fashioned southern soul. 

Depending on your preference, you can have either sweet or savory Cornbread; both compliment pork perfectly. The airy, fluffy texture makes for a light yet filling accompaniment to the heavier, more dense pork chop. 

5. Corn Pudding

While we are on the subject of corn: for a truly hearty and indulgent meal, corn pudding is the perfect thing. Smooth and creamy, this recipe requires a little more planning. The prep itself is pretty quick and straightforward, using ingredients you are likely to find in your pantry; canned corn, milk, cornstarch, eggs, and sugar. However, the cook-time is a little longer, around 45 minutes to an hour, so make sure you leave plenty of time.

The rich, custard-like texture of corn pudding pairs well with most meats, but it is truly a classic when paired with pork chops. You can make your corn pudding sweet or savory; though, in our opinion, the sweetness adds a certain something when combined with the salty flavor of pork.

6. Baked Potatoes

Potatoes are a great all-rounder, fry them, mash them, stick them in a stew! Super tasty and filling, they go with just about anything. Not to mention there are a million and one ways to serve them.

Baked potatoes are perhaps one of the most hands-off approaches when it comes to our beloved spuds. Just prick them with a fork, then whack them in the oven for an hour or so. Add a little butter or even some green onions and sour cream, and you have got the perfect no-fuss pork chop accompaniment.

7. Sweet Potato French fries

Everyone loves a naughty portion of french fries now and then, but for a not-so-naughty yet equally tasty option, why not try sweet potato french fries? 

For those who are more health-conscious, sweet potatoes baked in butter and seasoned with salt and pepper (and season to taste) provide a sweet and flavorful pairing for pork chops. Make sure to cut your fries nice and thin, coat them with corn starch, and, bake for plenty of time on high heat to achieve that perfect crispy texture that goes so well with the tenderness of the pork.

8. Hard-Boiled Eggs

Eggs and pork go together like salt and pepper, so it should come as no surprise that eggs are a superb side for pork chops. Hard-boiled eggs, in particular, add a firm but creamy texture that compliments pork chops perfectly. Combine with our earlier recommendation of sticky rice, and you have a delicious full-bodied meal.

9. Macaroni and Cheese

Who doesn’t like mac and cheese? It is the ultimate comfort food. Some recipes even include bacon in their macaroni cheese, so it figures that it would go well with pork chops.

The rich, creamy filling pasta adds some smoothness to the salty quality of the pork, resulting in a luscious and satisfying meal. So get ready for a food coma after eating this combination.

10. French Onion Soup

Onions go with everything, and what could be better on a chilly evening than a rich and spicy onion soup paired with pork chops to warm you up. 

Chunky french onion soup adds some interesting texture to your meal, while the tangy, caramelized onion flavor perfectly compliments the mildness of the pork. Add in some crusty bread, and you are all set.

11. Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are another excellent comfort food. Cheap and simple to make, mashed potatoes go well with most meats. The smooth, creamy texture is great combined with pork chops. 

Once boiled, add butter, cream, and a little mustard before mashing to create the perfect creamy mash. Finally, drizzle with the juices from your pork chops or even some pork gravy for the ideal finishing flourish.


With so many amazing options out there it can be difficult to decide what to serve with pork chops, but the best sides are often the simple ones, sometimes the classic ones. You should be able to find something easy and delicious in the list above, so give one (or more of them) a go and enjoy!