What to Serve with Kielbasa: 10 Amazing Sides

Kielbasa is a smoked sausage containing any meat such as pork, beef, lamb, chicken, or other meats. The kielbasa sausage comes from Poland.

There are many types of Kielbasa, with different regions and rural areas of Poland having their specialties. These include Kabanos, an air-dried pork sausage, Krakowska, a thick hot-smoked sausage containing garlic and pepper, plus many others.

With the many varieties of Kielbasa available, it can be challenging to know what to serve it with, but in this post, we’ll be exploring some excellent options for all of the above types and more.

1. Mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a staple of bangers and mash in the United Kingdom. The only difference here is that you’d be using delicious smoked Kielbasa instead of fat and juicy Cumberlands. Also, add a little garlic and yellow mustard to your mash to give it an extra pop in the mouth for a meal full of flavors.

2. Sauteed cabbage with bacon and onions

If you’re not a fan of fermented cabbage like Sauerkraut, you can still pair the classic combination of Cabbage and Kielbasa. Sauteed cabbage with some bacon and onions thrown in makes Kielbasa a wonderful, delicious side dish that can be combined with mashed potatoes or other side ideas.

3. Mashed butternut squash

For a healthier twist to mashed potato, you can try mashed butternut squash. Butternut squash has a distinctive and robust flavor that goes well with Kielbasa sausages, especially the pork and beef varieties.

4. Zurek

You can always serve Zurek as a side dish with your Kielbasa if you want to go traditional. Zurek is a Sour Rye Soup that is unsurprisingly quite sour. With its distinctive flavor from the fermented wheat and rye flour, adding meats such as Kielbasa is common and makes the dish unforgettable.

5. Sauerkraut

A classic with another classic. Sauerkraut and Kielbasa are a delicious mixture, with the rich flavors of smoked Kielbasa mixing with the somewhat sour tones of mouth-watering fermented cabbage. It is a well-loved combination across parts of Europe, and if you’re a lover of that style of European cooking, you won’t go wrong.

6. Bigos

Bigos, also known as hunter’s stew, is a Polish dish containing Sauerkraut, spicy and hot Kielbasa, fresh shredded cabbage, various spices, and sometimes other vegetables. If you are a fan of stews, it might be a better idea to forego the idea of serving Kielbasa with sides and instead make it part of this one-pot heaven.

7. Beer or Vodka

In many countries like Poland, Kielbasa is served as an appetizer to enjoy with fat pints of Beer and straight shots of Vodka. If you want to give guests a traditional experience, these make excellent additions to serve alongside any smoked or spicy Kielbasa.

8. French fries

In America, especially in cities like Pittsburgh or Chicago, Kielbasa is also known as Polish Sausage. It is in those places that it is famously used in sandwiches, subs, hoagies, or however you like to call it. If you’re eating a delicious kielbasa sandwich, then you can’t go amiss with some thin and crispy french fries.

9. White Borscht

Another great food you can serve Kielbasa with is White Borscht. You can serve it up right alongside it, over the top, or mixed in. White Borscht is another famed Polish soup that contains potato, horseradish, boiled eggs, and sausages. So that’s where your Kielbasa comes in. This soup makes an excellent dish if you’re eating Beef-style Kielbasa and if you don’t mind cooking something a little more complicated than other items on this list.

10. Crispy rolls

Finally, we’ve saved the best for last.

Serve your Kielbasa atop a crusty, thick bun/roll. Add some fried onions, some brown mustard, and some Sauerkraut for good measure. Then, add a side of crispy fries, a pint of Ale and enjoy these sausages the way many Europeans do!


Kielbasa could be one of the most delicious sausages on the planet so it’s only right that you’d want to serve up some memorable side dishes that go well with them. Give a few of the options above a try and tuck in to your food!

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