What Meat Goes With Lima Beans For Dinner?

If you’re looking for more information on what meat goes with lima beans for dinner, then we have the details you need. Perhaps you’ve reached a stage where you want to try new recipes with your lima beans. But now you need to decide which type of meat you will pair with them.

Lima beans are among the most popular white beans in the United States and for a good reason. They’re tasty, versatile, and packed with nutrients. But finding meat that goes with lima beans for dinner can be tricky. 

So if you are looking for what meat goes with lima beans for dinner, these options should get you started.

What Meat Goes With Lima Beans For Dinner?

Lima beans are a delicious and healthy option with tons of nutrients. And they have a rich, nutty distinct flavor that can complement any meat. So, there are plenty of options when looking to level up your lima beans.

1. Stuffed Chili Meatloaf

Stuffed chili meatloaf should be on the menu if you are looking for what meat goes with lima beans for dinner. Like any good chili, this one is packed with bell peppers and tomatoes.

The green chili peppers and chill powder add an extra kick that pairs wonderfully with the savory flavor of the lima beans. 

Whereas the tomatoes give it the perfect sweet and savory balance. And they also give the lima beans an acidic kick. The rich, nutty flavor of the lima beans is the perfect addition to the meatloaf. 

2. Turkey Chilli

Lima beans taste especially great with poultry like turkey. Like, any good chili, turkey chili is packed with veggies, tomatoes, and an assortment of peppers.

The tomatoes and bell peppers add a hint of tanginess to balance the sweet undertones of the lima beans. On the other hand, the chilis offer some heat which the lima beans counter well. The poblano peppers also add a fruity, earthy flavor to balance the rich, nutty flavor of the lima beans. 

3. Roasted Chicken 

Chicken and beans are age-old friends, which is why roasted chicken and lima beans go so well together. It’s an excellent pairing that tastes even better than you can imagine.

The garlic and rosemary flavors in the roasted chicken are a perfect match. They blend nicely with the perfectly balanced buttery flavors from the lima beans side dish. And the creamy texture of the lima beans pairs fantastically with the juicy, tender roasted chicken.

4. Roasted Pork Chops 

Roasted pork chops are another excellent meat option that goes well with lima beans. The sweet and smoky basting from the pork chops works well with the savory flavors of the lima beans. And the subtle sweetness of the lima beans is a perfect complement to the savory roasted pork chops. 

The overall flavors from the pork and beans work incredibly well with each other. Including garlic will also add an aromatic touch to the entire dish. Top that off with juicy roasted tomatoes and a light sauce, and you’ll elevate your lima beans to new heights. 

5. Shredded Smokey Pork

The shredded pork’s sweet and savory flavor complements the sweet undertones of the lima beans. The beans will absorb the rich sauce of the shredded pork, injecting more flavor into them. With a side of vegetables, it makes for the perfect, balanced dinner.

Shredded pork also carries a certain smokiness, which also compliments the lima beans’ subtle sweetness. Plus, you can include jalapenos for some heat and citrus juice for a bit of zest to bring the meal together.

6. Grilled BBQ Beef

Nothing says “perfect match” like grilled BBQ meat with lima beans. The lima beans serve as a blank canvas to showcase the flavors of the meat. And since the BBQ sauce is sweet and savory, a simple side of nutty, earthy lima beans is ideal.

Let’s not forget that the soft texture of the lima beans will act as the perfect balance to the chewy, juicy beef.


When lima beans are on the menu, there are so many worthy side dishes you can try out. Cooking up tasty lima beans with virtually any meat sounds delicious. You’ll be set to deliver a fantastic meal as long you know what meat goes with lima beans for dinner.