How To Season Lima Beans 

Knowing how to season lima beans correctly is one of the cardinal rules of cooking. No matter how you cook them, seasoning is crucial to get tasty lima beans.

Lima beans offer the perfect blank canvas for spice mixes because they are mild tasting and take on the flavors they’re cooked with. However, if you’re unsure about what seasoning to use, here are some delicious combos to help you get started.

What Are Lima Beans? 

Fresh lima beans get their name from Lima, the Capital of Peru. They are, however, widely produced in Northern America, especially in the United States.

You might describe its flavor as slightly nutty, with grassy undertones. But, the taste can become more buttery when they’re cooked. 

The color varies based on the size. For instance, baby lima beans are slightly more cream-colored. In comparison, the full-sized lima beans are pale green to beige. 

The “meat” of the lima bean is not as smooth as other white beans, and it is oval in shape. Its flavor may be somewhat bland. But this makes it ideal for pairing with a wide variety of food, from rice to vegetables and more.

How To Season Lima Beans

Boiling some lima beans without much seasoning will still provide a satisfying meal. But they won’t be as tasty as they could be if you added seasonings. Here are different approaches when learning how to season lima beans effectively.

Salt And Spices

You can season your lima beans with salt at the beginning of cooking. The salt brines the beans, making them tastier and more evenly cooked. But don’t stop at salt. Seasoning with cumin adds an earthly flavor that pairs well with garlic and zesty citrus juice. 

Add red chili flakes if you’d like your beans to deliver a kick. The red chili flakes also pair well with traditional Mexican seasonings. For example, add a delicious Mexican-inspired flavor with ½ teaspoon of dried oregano, red chili flakes, and ground cumin. 


You can throw in fresh or dried herbs like rosemary, bay leaves, and oregano at the beginning of cooking. Tie them up with kitchen string if they are still on their branches, or throw them directly into the pot. 

To add a warm, citrusy flavor to your lima bean stew, sprinkle in some marjoram. Thyme also pairs exceptionally well with lima beans by adding an ultra-minty flavor. You can top it off with sage that adds an incredible savory flavor to balance the sweet undertones of the lima beans.


Any dish tastes better when seasoned well, and lima beans are no exception. Taking a minute to ensure you’ve added enough herbs and spices can work wonders for your meal. And following this easy guide on how to season lima beans will put you on track to serve the tastiest lima beans ever.