What Are Lima Beans?

What are lima beans? What makes lima beans so good for you? And what can you do with them? These unassuming little beans are versatile and nutritional powerhouses that you should learn more about. 

Here, we’ll explore what makes lima beans unique and their nutritional value. Beyond that, we’ll discuss some delicious ways to add lima beans to your diet.

What Are Lima Beans?

Lima beans are a type of white bean that falls into the legume food group and are part of the Phaseolus Lunatus family. They were named after the capital of Peru, where they have been harvested for over 9,000 years. 

And they come in different varieties, including pale green to cream or beige color, with a flat kidney shape. Their soft, buttery texture is the most distinguishing quality of lima beans. 

Farmers harvest them in the Fall when they are fresh and young. Because they are not mature, the skin is thin and tends to fall off during cooking. Larger than most other beans, lima beans develop a rich nutty flavor, making them a great ingredient. 

Common Uses For Lima Beans

Lima beans are fantastic for adding a creamy touch to a slow-cooked stew. Alternatively, add lima beans to your broth or soup for more texture. Plus, you can combine them with other vegetables and beans for a fresh bean salad. 

You can also enjoy lima beans alone or as a side paired with meat and vegetables. If you want a creamy casserole, add lima beans. For example, a pasta and cheese casserole with soft lima beans and crunchy breadcrumb topping will go down a treat.

And you can use them to make spicy succotash, a traditional Indian dish packed with sweet corn, peppers, and more. They can also be a tasty addition to any rice dish. That said, always remember to wash lima beans before you cook them.

Nutritional Benefits Of Lima Beans

Tasty and versatile, lima beans are nutrient-rich and have several health benefits. Lima beans are a great source of vital nutrients. 

They provide a high amount of manganese, which has antioxidant properties and plays a massive role in your metabolism. In addition, they contain copper, which supports our immune system and brain function.

Not forgetting that lima beans are also rich in magnesium, that’s responsible for energy production. And as a bonus, lima beans are also a good source of fiber and protein. 

Lima beans also contain a generous amount of unsaturated fats. This can form a vital part of your healthy fat intake for energy. 


Lima beans are a type of white bean with a creamy flavor that complements various dishes perfectly. They are packed with several nutrients to promote overall good health. The first step is to answer the question, “What are lima beans?” to tell them apart from other beans.

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