Caster Sugar Vs. Cane Sugar

Although we often assume caster and cane sugar are the same, they are pretty different. Since differentiating between caster sugar vs. cane sugar can be tricky, we’ve decided to help by comparing these two widely used types of sugar.

What Is Caster Sugar?

Caster sugar is a type of refined granulated sugar made from cane juice. It is a cross between regular granulated sugar and icing sugar. In addition, it also comes in two varieties: white (standard) and golden caster sugar. 

The golden caster sugar is typically unrefined and processed to maintain the structure of the grain. It also has a warmer taste and a caramel flavor that white caster sugar doesn’t have.

What Is Cane Sugar?

Cane sugar is manufactured by extracting the juice from cut sugar cane. The liquid is then cooked to generate dark molasses and crystalize it. 

It is also available in three grades: unprocessed, raw, and refined. Each varies depending on the manufacturing process, molasses percentage, and texture.

Caster Sugar Vs. Cane Sugar 

Although the qualities of sugar cane and cane sugar are identical, there is a minor difference on a scientific level.

If you’ve ever baked cookies or biscuits, you’ve likely noticed that many recipes specify caster sugar or cane sugar. That’s because there are differences between caster sugar and cane sugar.


You can use cane sugar for baking products such as cookies, cakes, and some desserts. Because it doesn’t dissolve very quickly when heated, it’s best for foods that are baked for longer. 

Since caster sugar is more refined than cane sugar, it melts and mixes faster. As such, caster sugar dissolves quickly because it has smaller sugar crystals than cane sugar.

This makes it fantastic for light and delicate desserts such as meringues. It’s also great as a sweetener for tea. 


When it comes to flavor, these two are pretty different. Cane sugar retains a rich sweet taste that adds an unmistakable depth of flavor to your food.

Golden caster sugar, on the other hand, delivers a delicious caramel flavor. While white castor sugar is slightly sweeter.


Cane sugar granules are larger and can be slightly sticky, depending on the variant. In contrast, caster sugar has very fine and dry to the touch. 


Looking at the color is one of the few ways you can easily differentiate between caster sugar and cane sugar. Cane sugar’s color ranges from sparkling white to dark brown, depending on the type. 

In comparison, caster sugar varies from snow white to light brown. Regular caster sugar tends to be white, and golden caster sugar is slightly brown.


It may not seem like the differences between caster sugar vs. cane sugar are all that notable. However, these differences can significantly impact your end product when used for baking or cooking.