Answered: Substitutes for 00 Flour

To have a successful baking experience, you have to start by picking the right ingredients. This is the hard part, especially when it comes to substituting ingredients. The interaction between ingredients and how you use them could be the difference between a tasty dish or a complete disaster. And sometimes one of the most challenging to replace is 00 flour. 

00 Flour has its origins in Italy, that is why you will always find it as the main ingredient in most traditional Italian recipes. It is ideal for making homemade pasta and pizza. This is a popular flour due to its texture.

The “00”  prefix indicates how finely the flour is ground. It is the most refined type of flour you’ll find in the store. The “00” prefix is how flour is classified in Europe. This means it has been ground so finely it has the texture of baby powder. In America, however, flour is classified by protein or gluten content.

There are several reasons people would look for a substitute for 00 flour. The two most common are not finding 00 flour at your local grocery store or health-related issues. The best substitutes for 00 flour include wholewheat flour, semolina, pastry flour, and bread flour, to name a few.

Top Pick: Use all-purpose flour as a substitute for 00 flour in baking, pasta, and similar recipes. The only difference is the texture as all-purpose flour is not as stretchy as 00 flour.

The 5 Best Substitutes for 00 Flour

If you are baking cake, you can always use plain flour to substitute for 00 flour. For homemade bread or pizza, white bread flour is an excellent choice. In most cases, the replacements have a lower protein content. Therefore, the bread will be crustier, and the cake’s texture will be finer.

The traditional 00 flour in Italy has the same protein level as its U.S. counterpart, the pastry flour. So, it is safe to assume that pastry flour is by far one of the best substitutes for 00 flour. 

Let’s examine the best substitutes for 00 flour.

Plain or All-Purpose Flour

Plain or all-purpose flour is one of the most popular substitutes for 00 flour. This is especially true among those pasta connoisseurs who delight in making their own at home. Plain flour is a combination of soft and hard wheat. And it will give your cooked pasta a nice and chewy texture. 

Perhaps you’ve noticed the instructions in most recipes that include 00 flour. Most will tell you that plain or all-purpose flour would be a suitable replacement. However, bear in mind that the dough won’t be as stretchy as it is when using 00 flour. So, the texture will be slightly different from what you might usually expect.

Bread Flour

Another excellent substitute for 00 flour is bread flour. However, it’s important to note that the gluten levels are as high as 14%. While this is an excellent replacement, this isn’t for you if you are allergic to gluten or simply want a healthier choice. 

It is made with hard red wheat, making it ideal for baking bread. You can even use bread flour for making pretzels or pizza dough.

Semolina Flour

Next on the list is Semolina flour. This type of flour is made from durum wheat and has a slightly coarser texture than many other flours. It’s also typically yellow in color.

Any professional cook would tell you that semolina is actually the best 00 flour replacement for making homemade pasta. While a combination of the two provides excellent results, using only semolina will give you a delicious and savory pasta dough. However, don’t use this type of flour if you plan to make pizza or bread.

Whole Wheat Flour

One of the best substitutes for 00 flour, hands down, has to be whole wheat flour. Even though this is an excellent replacement, bear in mind that whole wheat flour is not as fine as 00 flour. So, everything you make with it will have a slightly tougher texture.

You can use it to make pretty much anything, cakes, bread, pizza, different types of pastries, etc. Whole wheat flour can also be used to make a healthier type of pasta. And it’s a great ingredient for more wholesome crackers and flatbreads. 

Pastry Flour

The next entry on the list is pastry flour. As mentioned before, pastry flour is the American counterpart of the Italian 00 flour. One key difference between them is that the pastry flour contains much lower gluten levels than 00 flour. While 00 flour can be hard to find sometimes, you can always find pastry flour at your local grocery store.

As the name suggests, it is mainly used to make pastries and desserts. But it can also be used for savory dishes such as tarts and quiches. The end result will be soft and fluffy. It can also be used to make pasta as well as pizza. Although, for the latter, it’s better to use bread flour where possible.


The above are some of the best substitutes for 00 flour for different purposes. We hope that has helped you identify the most suitable substitute for your recipe. 

Just remember that depending on the replacement you choose, the preparation may require more or less liquid. While most recipes will consider this, there will be those that don’t. And this could be the difference between an award-winning dish and an inedible mess.