What To Serve With Chicken Enchiladas

Are you having a hard time deciding what to serve with Chicken Enchiladas? This article highlights the best options to complement your dish perfectly. Read on to find out some excellent sides you can serve every time.

Chicken Enchiladas are a native Mexican dish. Its origin has been traced back to the Aztecs, when the tradition of rolling food into tortillas began. This meal bursts with so much flavor, especially with the Mexican spices that add a bit of oomph. They are very filling and great for lunch or family gatherings.

The dish consists of sautéed chicken, beans, onions, green chilis, and shredded cheese rolled up in a soft corn tortilla. This roll-up is then smothered in enchilada sauce and baked in an oven until it’s hot and the cheese is melted. It’s often garnished with some more shredded cheese. 

In this article, we’ll look at what you can pair with this meal and we’re basing it on some of the above considerations, as well as a few others.

Side Dishes for Chicken Enchiladas

The dish is packed with plenty of flavors, and the corn tortilla adds a bit of texture when cooked. To pair this dish, the side needs to be light and refreshing, complementing the Mexican spices and cleansing the palate.

1. Mexican Coleslaw

Coleslaw is a crowd’s favorite as a side dish. And it’s also a great bonus that it’s easy to make, especially when you have extra carrots and cabbage lying around in your kitchen.

The cabbage has an earthy and slightly bitter taste, while the carrots are sweet, creating a balance. They taste fantastic when placed next to the Chicken Enchiladas and cleanse your palate.

But the Mexican coleslaw goes beyond cutting up some cabbages and carrot and calling it a day. They incorporate more vegetables like avocado, corn, black beans, jalapeno, cumin, etc.

The dressing is not just the regular mayonnaise either. Mexican coleslaw is dressed with a more tangy and acidic sauce made from apple cider vinegar. You can even garnish it with some cilantro for a more refreshing taste.

2. Guacamole

Guacamole and Chicken Enchiladas are an iconic pair at your dinner table. The rich, muted flavors in the guacamole are a great contrast to the big Mexican flavors in the enchiladas. There is a contrast in texture, and the guacamole can be used as a coating dip for the Chicken Enchiladas. They both taste amazing on their own but are a banger when eaten together.

3. Chips And Salsa

This is a very stress-free option. You would have already prepared some salsa or sauces for your enchiladas, so all you have to do is get some of your favorite chips, and you’re set. The salty, crunchy chips add more texture and fun elements to the meal. You can go the extra mile and get some melted cheese as a chips dip- a perfect complement to the cheesy Chicken Enchiladas.

4. Rice

It’s not a Mexican feast without some rice. The great thing about this side dish is that it can be served with any Mexican dish, and it will taste amazing. And Chicken Enchiladas are not an exception. Rice goes well with the saucy and cheesy chicken, complementing the savory flavors. 

You can switch up your regular steamed white rice by adding peppers, cumin, and cilantro to the mix, making it pop with flavor. Or you can add some chorizo and black beans so it can be even more filling and tasty.

5. Pepper Salad

Pepper salads are always so beautiful to look at. They are made from different colors of bell peppers- green, red and yellow- making the salad a colorful affair. While they look fantastic, they also taste amazing and are a perfect side dish for Chicken Enchiladas. The spicy goodness pairs well with the Mexican flavors in the enchiladas.

Adding some other ingredients to this tasty stir-fry, like red onions and cheese, makes it a lot better. This is the side dish you should have on your table if you’re looking for spice and flavor.

6. Corn Pudding

After all the heat and spice in the Chicken Enchiladas, this dish brings a decadent sweetness to die for. It is creamy and rich, making for a great side dish. Corn pudding is very popular in the southern United States and during holidays like Thanksgiving.

The sweetness cuts through the heat, providing respite from the heat and satisfaction to your taste buds. Corn pudding has a soft fluffy texture that hits the spot when you take a spoonful.

7. Refried Beans

Refried beans are a staple of both Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisines. And they are popular in other countries in Latin America. This side dish is made from beans, usually pinto beans. It is washed, boiled down, and then ground to a paste before being “refried” with sauces. Refried beans are a healthy and filling side dish pairing for Chicken Enchiladas. 

The beans are bursting with flavor from the added ingredients and complement the Chicken Enchiladas perfectly. It is creamy and tasty without going overboard with cheese or sauce.

8. Queso Dip

This creamy, cheesy dip is an absolute banger for your Chicken Enchiladas. Queso dip is a side dish made from melted cheese and chili peppers, giving a spicy, cheesy balance.

And it tastes fantastic with the robust flavors from the Chicken Enchiladas. Typically used as a tortilla dip, queso dip goes well with anything, including Chicken Enchiladas.


Chicken Enchiladas is a hearty, comforting Mexican dish that tastes amazing. The burst of flavors and spices makes it great. But a side dish that complements it flawlessly would make it unforgettable. Our 8 side dish recommendations taste tremendous and complement the flavors of the Chicken Enchiladas for a perfect Mexican feast.