7 Perfect Substitutes For Grenadine

Grenadine is a bright-red non-alcoholic syrup, which is both sweet and tart. It’s often used in making cocktails. And is known for adding a burst of color and flavor to drinks like the Shirley Temple and Tequila Sunrise.

This tasty syrup comprises pomegranate juice, sugar, and water. But it does not contain cherry extract, as many people mistakenly think. Grenadine comes from the French word “grenade,” which means pomegranate.

Are you making a drink that requires grenadine syrup, but you just can’t seem to find it anywhere? This post lists 7 substitutes for grenadine that will get the job done and make your cocktail taste great.

Top Pick: You can make your own homemade grenadine to substitute for shop-bought grenadine.

1. Homemade Grenadine

The first substitute for grenadine syrup is homemade grenadine. If you can’t get your hands on the syrup in your local grocery store, you can make it from scratch. Making your grenadine syrup from the comfort of your home using pomegranate, sugar, and water is the perfect substitute. It’s the closest to grenadine in texture, color, and taste. 

Homemade grenadine is usually a hot pink color, so it adds a playful, vibrant look to your cocktail. If you’re wary of the unnatural additives often present to store-bought syrups, then homemade grenadine is an ideal option.

2. Pomegranate Juice and Simple Syrup

Another similar substitute for grenadine is a mixture of pomegranate juice and simple syrup. The result is a sweet syrup that tastes similar to grenadine. It can be made by mixing 2 parts simple syrup and one part pomegranate juice.

This bright-red syrup is an excellent option for people who find grenadine too sweet. This way, you can alter the amount of simple syrup added to adjust the sweetness to your liking.

3. Raspberry Syrup

Raspberry syrup is another substitute for grenadine that embodies an equal balance of sweet and tart flavors. It’s made from raspberries and tends to be a bit sharper than grenadine. This fruit syrup is also tangy, making for a fun addition to cocktails.

The syrup is an ideal alternative for cocktails as it is also bright red with a similar texture to grenadine. There’s a distinct berry flavor that raspberry syrup brings to the table. And you can find it at most liquor stores or your local supermarket.

4. Pomegranate Molasses 

Pomegranate molasses is a very suitable substitute for grenadine syrup. This is a syrup made of boiled and reduced pomegranate juice. In fact, it’s a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine and has a powerful sweet but tangy flavor.

The molasses is rich and intense with a very thick and sticky consistency. It also has a deep red color, just like grenadine, adding a dramatic visual accent to your drink. Although it’s not as sweet as grenadine, you could add a little simple syrup to adjust the taste.

5. Cranberry Juice Cocktail

Cranberry juice cocktail is a blend of cranberry juice concentrate, syrup or sugar, Vitamin C, and water. This is a lovely blend of sweet and tart flavors, similar to grenadine syrup. And it serves as an excellent substitute for grenadine.

When added to drinks, this refreshing cocktail injects a burst of vivid red color. It, however, tastes like cranberry instead of pomegranate. So, it will be a little on the sour side. Cranberry juice cocktail can be purchased from most supermarkets and stores.

6. Strawberry Daiquiri Syrup

Strawberry daiquiri syrup is strawberry juice with sugar used to bring out the flavor in drinks. It’s a premixed beverage, typically used to make the beloved strawberry daiquiri cocktail.

This particular syrup is a sweeter substitute for grenadine. And it has a thicker consistency with less tartness. It also offers a different taste to grenadine, as it’s made from strawberries. But it’s an outstanding option for smoothies and cocktails if you want less tartness and more sweetness.

7. Cocktail Cherry Juice

Cocktail cherry juice is a suitable alternative to grenadine with its concentrated cherry flavor and balanced hints of sweetness and tartness. It also has a bright-red color that makes the drink look great.

This delicious drink doesn’t taste precisely like grenadine, as it has a distinct cherry flavor. However, they’re similar in color, and cocktail cherry juice adds a spike of sweetness with a hint of sour. It’s easy to find in supermarkets or grocery stores. It has numerous health benefits making it an excellent substitute for grenadine.


The next time you can’t find grenadine syrup, why not try one of these idyllic alternatives for your cocktails? Experiment with finding a substitute for grenadine that works best for you. You may even end up preferring it to grenadine.