Substitute For Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese, also called curd or whey, is a dairy product and a healthy low-fat and high-protein option for dieters. But if you want a good substitute for cottage cheese, there are different alternatives worth considering.

This beloved cheese has ancient Greek and Egyptian roots, but its name comes from early American immigrants. The name reflected their modest residences as settlers prepared this cheese on stovetops in small kitchens.

But if you’re out of cottage cheese, there are many viable cottage cheese alternatives that this article will cover extensively.

What Is Cottage Cheese?

Cottage cheese is freshly made cheese from cow’s milk. It used to be made from the milk product left over after butter production. Fresh cottage cheese has a savory and mild taste without salt, sugar, or other flavors.

The production process includes adding enzymes to the extracted milk, which causes the protein to curdle. It can also be done at home by simply adding an acidic substance to heated pasteurized milk. It’s then allowed to sit for a while and is drained, leaving the cheese curd. 

Cottage cheese is popular for dieters, athletes, and even children because of its nutrients. While it’s usually readily available, you may still need a good cottage cheese substitute.

Substitute For Cottage Cheese

There are many alternatives to cottage cheese, and finding one is not rocket science. Below are some of the best options when looking for a cottage cheese replacement. 

1. Ricotta Cheese 

Ricotta cheese is often made from cow’s milk. But it used to be a product of the milk of goats, water buffalo, cows, and sheep in the past.

It’s no surprise that ricotta cheese is an excellent substitute for cottage cheese. They are similar in taste, texture, and even production procedure. However, ricotta cheese is more nutritious, with a higher content of iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins.

Ricotta cheese is also slightly creamier, tastier, and easier to spread than cottage cheese. An ideal ratio for substitution is 1:1. Talk to your nutritionist before substituting one for another since ricotta contains more protein and fat.

2. Fromage Blanc

This fresh cheese originated from Northern France. Fromage blanc is a French term that means white cheese in English. The mildly tangy taste is similar to cottage cheese, and it’s commonly used with other ingredients.

Similarly, it is creamy, soft, and has a yogurt buttery-like taste. Nevertheless, it is more perishable, which makes it more difficult to transport between long distances. 

But it’s an ideal substitute for cottage cheese in dips and desserts at a substitution ratio of one-to-one.

3. Cream Cheese

The use of cream cheese dates back to 1583. And in 2016, it accounted for about 10% of the volume of cheese sales in the United States.

Both kinds of cheese are alike in texture, taste, and nutritional value. But cream cheese is creamier and has a more robust flavor.

Irrespective, it can stand as a substitute for cottage cheese at a ratio of 1:1. 

4. Whipped Heavy Cream

This is similar to Greek yogurt, although higher in fat. Whipped heavy cream can be used as a substitute for blended cottage cheese, although it’s airier, lighter, and sweeter.

It has a good percentage of potassium, carbs, calcium, and vitamins. And it’s best used as a topping for fruit and desserts. 

But be mindful of the differences in taste to ensure you find the right balance of sweet and savory.

5. Tofu

Tofu is one of the oldest ingredients in the world. Reports have it that it was an accidental discovery by a Chinese cook over two thousand years ago. 

It’s made from soybean curd or soy milk, making it an ideal vegan substitute for cottage cheese. The soy product is low in fat and sodium but rich in protein, calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus.

Mash soft tofu to get a texture similar to cottage cheese. It can replace cottage cheese at a 1:1 ratio as a dip, spread, pasta filling, or in some baked dishes.

6. Egg Whites

The protein content of an egg white alone accounts for 56% of the egg. While egg yolk is high in fat, egg white is low in calories and high in protein.

Boiled egg white contains vitamins, trace minerals, and protein. Egg white is a great cottage cheese alternative for people that are lactose intolerant or are protein-based dieters.

You can employ a ratio of 1:1 when substituting. However, it should be noted that there is a variation in the consistency and taste.


Regardless of the reason for seeking a substitute for cottage cheese, this list offers a compilation of great alternatives. Ensure you select a substitute for cottage cheese suited for your type of recipe for the best results.