5+ Campari Tomato Substitutes

The Campari tomato is a medium-sized tomato that’s loved for its exceptional juiciness and sweetness. You may want to use these tomatoes in many recipes, but you sometimes need a substitute. In this article, we’ll be exploring some ideal alternatives and workable replacements for Campari tomatoes.

The Campari tomato is a versatile fruit that requires some excellent alternatives for various scenarios. So whether you’re looking for an option to use for stuffed tomatoes, pizza, sandwiches, or something else entirely, there is a viable alternative just waiting for you to use.

1. Tomaccio

Tomaccio is a type of cherry tomato with a powerfully sweet flavor. Often used for sun-dried tomatoes that you’ll find on grocery store shelves, these can make an excellent substitute for the Campari variety because of the sugary flavor. 

These tomatoes, being a cherry variety, are a little smaller than Camparis. So do take this into account when substituting the quantities in recipes.

2. Super Sweet 100

The Super Sweet 100 is a sweet-tasting cherry tomato that can replace Campari tomatoes in dishes like salads. Only being about 1 inch in diameter, the Super Sweet 100 is ideal for mixing into Meditteranean salads.

You can also use the Super Sweet 100 as an appetizer for snacking, with the tart-like sour taste mixing with the sweetness that bursts in the mouth.

3. Ciliegino

A type of Pomodoro di Pachino, Ciliegino is one of the highest quality, premium-tasting cherry tomatoes that you can find on the shelves of high-end grocery stores. Perfect for cutting into small portions and serving with mozzarella and specialty meats like salami, these sweet tomatoes make an excellent alternative to Campari’.

If you can’t find Ciliegino on the shelves, you can pick almost any cherry tomato that you wish. In fact, we’ve picked out more than just one cherry tomato on this list to give you a couple of solid ideas.

4. Grappolo

Another kind of Pomodoro di Pachino, these ‘grape’ tomatoes are a little larger than some of the other cherry-style tomatoes on the list so far. Grape tomatoes are excellent for serving with olives, cured meats, and other salty snacks that can use a little sweetness and mild acidity. 

With Campari tomatoes often used in pittas with slices of mozzarella, crunchy leaves of salad, and succulent meats, you can instead use the Grappolo variety with a lot of success in those dishes too.

Another great thing about these tomatoes is that they look and smell amazing, which is sure to ‘wow’ dinner guests, partners, or family members.

5. Plum tomatoes

Plum tomato varieties such as the Roma and San Marzano types make an excellent alternative for Campari tomatoes for cooking uses. If you’re making a sauce, paste, or salsa, these can be the ideal option to choose instead.

There are dozens of plum tomato varieties you can purchase in the store, with many of them canned, which is fine to pick up if you plan to use them for cooking.

You should avoid using plum tomatoes for non-cooking replacements, such as in salads where you’ll be better off picking a grape tomato or cherry tomato type.