What To Serve with Toad In The Hole

Looking for some delicious side serving ideas to go with toad in the hole?

Toad in the hole is a traditional English dish that consists of sausages encased in a batter. This famous batter from the County of Yorkshire is called Yorkshire Pudding. Once cooked you then pour steaming hot homemade onion gravy over the top to soak it into the batter and sausage for the finishing touch.

When it comes to side dishes, some people like to serve vegetables alongside toad in the hole, while others do not. There is a lot of debate over what vegetables should be served and whether or not you should serve any additional carbohydrates with the meal.

This often leads to people being confused about what they should serve with toad in the hole and what they shouldn’t serve with it.

In this list post, we’ll be exploring the best traditional and non-traditional side dishes to serve with toad in the hole.

Let’s get stuck in!


Surely, there’s nothing better to serve with toad in the hole than juicy whole chantenay carrots. Don’t have any? Choose any kind you like. They go so well with the onion gravy that the only thing to debate should be how much of a crunch you like in your carrots.

If you want something extra special then try honey-glazed carrots for a sweet and savory mix.

Roast potatoes

In England, if you are serving meat with gravy there is always going to be someone calling out for crispy oven-baked roast potatoes.

While it isn’t what you’d call a traditional side dish to serve with toad in the hole, there is no doubt that a few delicious roast potatoes would elevate the dish.


Green peas of the garden variety are a delicious and mild accompaniment for toad in the hole. Serve them all alone or with another side dish such as roast potato or carrots. They will always make a great vegetable to serve with any dish with gravy and Yorkshire pudding.

Mashed potatoes

Again, not a traditional thing to serve alongside toad in the hole but a growing favorite across the United Kingdom is mashed potato or ‘mash’.

Add a dab of English mustard, a sprinkle of salt, a splash of whole milk, and lots of butter and you’ll have a delicious side serving of mash to serve with your toad in the hole.

Green beans

Green beans are another top vegetable to serve with your toad in the hole. Combine mouthfuls of toad in the hole and green beans with luscious dabs of onion gravy to see what we mean.


With so many types of cabbage out there to choose from you might be asking ‘which’, but no worries. One of the traditional vegetables to serve with toad in the hole is green cabbage which is a common and easily accessible vegetable all across the UK. If you want to experience something traditional then this is one of the veg picks you can make.


If you’re not so fond of cabbage then you might prefer to try something like broccoli or other forms of broccoli, such as purple sprouting broccoli.

Broccoli seems to go so well with any form of gravy but it combines so well with the rich and flavorful onion gravy that you serve with toad in the hole that it has to be a top candidate for a vegetable choice in this dish.


Boiled spinach is an excellent choice for serving with toad in the hole because you can easily combine it with big mouthfuls of sausage and gravy for a tantalizing mixture of flavors.

While this isn’t a traditional vegetable to serve alongside toad in the hole it is still a spectacular choice to make and one that you won’t regret if you’re a lover of spinach.

When it comes to spinach it can be a strong flavor so you should make sure to not overcook it which can lead to it being quite bitter.


Kale is a good side dish to serve with toad in the hole if you like cabbage but want to try something different and non-traditional. It can be a little crunchier than cabbage and also tends to have a more distinct flavor which can elevate the whole dish and add another dimension to your meal.