What to Serve with Chicken Noodle Soup?

Are you wondering what to serve with chicken noodle soup? Here, I’ve put together the best side dishes that work well for this healthy broth.

Chicken noodle soup is the go-to meal when you’re feeling under the weather and need something to get you up and about. The thought of this light broth with little chicken chunks boiled in spices is enough to revitalize your senses.

This noodle soup is a popular dish in the American community, and for a good reason. For starters, making this dish is extremely easy. You only need chicken breasts, egg noodles, broth, and salt to taste to prepare it. 

What to Serve with Chicken Noodle Soup?

While you can eat chicken noodle soup as a meal on its own, it’s terrific to pair it with side dishes. These extras enhance the chicken broth, making it more filling. 

Plus, they are easy to find. Many you can make yourself, or you could pick them up from your closest store. We’ve explored some of the tastiest side dishes you can combine with this delicacy. The result is these 12 excellent sides to serve with chicken noodle soup.

1. Grilled Vegetable Panini

The combination of sandwich and soup is a match made in heaven. And it’s a partnership that’s been around for a while. A grilled vegetable panini is a side dish that’s not only crunchy but packed with nutrients. 

It’s also a breeze to prepare as long as you have the right vegetables. You’re free to use as many veggies as you like. However, we advise adding a large quantity of grilled, mixed bell peppers. You will have a healthy meal and one that’s pleasing to the eye.

2. Mashed Potato Puffs

When thinking of what to serve with chicken noodle soup, mashed potato puffs should be one of your top choices. If you love potatoes, this might be your best match with a bowl of chicken noodle soup.

These are tasty hand-held mashed potatoes mixed with chives, cheese, and bacon. You can bake these in the comfort of your home or order from a restaurant that makes them. If you’re planning a large gathering, it’s good to make as many as possible. These are so tasty that they’ll disappear in no time. 

3. Grilled Cheese Sandwich 

As mentioned earlier, a sandwich and chicken noodle soup make the perfect partnership. Grilled cheese sandwiches take the experience up a notch with the addition of cheese. If you love quick options, then you’ve found it.

You could spice things up by using camembert instead of the standard cheddar cheese. Since camembert is rich and creamy, it’ll pair well with the light broth. Throw in some figs and sliced apples for variety.

4. Cold Cut Deli Sandwich 

Look no further than cold deli sandwiches when deciding what to serve with chicken noodle soup. This side dish offers an excellent contrast to your soup, and you can never go wrong with it.

With a crisp crust outside and juicy cold meat on the inside, one bite is enough to thrill your senses. Plus, it’s very filling, making it perfect for lunch. You could opt for an Italian deli sandwich if you prefer something filled with mustard and pepperoni. However, a classic BLT will do the trick.

5. No-Knead Rosemary Bread

Are you looking for that special “something” to serve with chicken noodle soup? No-knead rosemary bread is a perfect match.

Rosemary is a herb traditionally used in chicken dishes as it compliments and elevates the taste of the chicken. Imagine what it would be like in no-kneed bread dipped in your chicken noodle soup. It’s incredibly easy to mix the dough and get it baking, but you could buy one from the store instead.

6. Baked Zucchini 

Another healthy side dish we recommend is baked zucchini. This is the best alternative if you’re avoiding carb-filled bread and want something healthier.

Slice your zucchini into rounds and top with cheese for a fantastic result. Don’t forget there are noodles in your main that already account for your dish’s carbohydrate component.

7. Garlic Bread 

Garlic bread is the one side everyone should consider when considering what to serve with chicken noodle soup. When it comes to soup, bread is your friend. And chicken noodle soup is no different.

The best part is that the garlic taste doesn’t overpower the taste of your soup. Instead, you get a more enhanced flavor and a filling dish. You can bake this yourself or rush to the bakery if you need a quick option.

8. Roasted Butternut Squash Salad

Salads might not cross your mind while you ponder what to serve with chicken noodle soup. However, they are lovely when you combine them with a chicken dish. However, when I say salad, I don’t mean your garden variety green toss salad. 

I’m talking about a hearty salad with moreish cooked vegetables, nuts, fruit, cheese, etc. I’m referring to roasted butternut squash, goat cheese, dried cranberries, arugula, and candied walnut. In fact, this is a salad that could be a main meal on its own.

9. Fresh Baby Spinach Salad

Here’s another salad to consider when considering what to serve with chicken noodle soup. Salads are filled with vegetables, so you already know they will make for a healthier side dish. 

A hearty option is a fresh baby spinach salad with the right blend of tomatoes, cheese, and sliced avocado. Toss in bacon and boiled eggs, and you’ll have a satisfying but light dish.

10. Italian Chopped Salad

When you hear “Italian” food, your thoughts immediately turn to comfort foods like lasagna and meatball spaghetti. But Italian food is more than just pasta and pizza. 

Opt for an Italian chopped salad when you need a quick side to go with your chicken noodle soup. You only need a good blend of lettuce, tomatoes, chopped cucumbers, red onions, bell peppers, and cheese to get started.

11. Goat Cheese and Arugula Focaccia

Like bread, focaccia is one of the tasty options you should consider for your chicken noodle soup. The combination can be incredibly filling and satisfying. 

While bread is often the go-to accompaniment to soup, it can be heavy. So, opt for this flatbread topped focaccia as an alternative. Simply top it with onion, arugula, and plenty of goat cheese before baking. You could even add cut olives if desired.

12. Homemade Croutons

One crunchy and comforting option that compliments chicken noodle soup is croutons. And you can make them yourself with little effort. 

Cut white bread into bite-sized chunks and dip the chunks in melted butter with some salt. You can throw in some garlic, onion flakes, or herbs for more flavor. Then bake these moreish morsels until golden brown. The result is a delicious and crunchy soup companion.


Perhaps you’re wondering what to serve with chicken noodle soup to make it more filling or just add to the taste experience. In that case, our list of tasty side dish options may be the answer to elevating your dish and delighting your family.