What To Serve With Chicken And Dumplings – 13+ Awesome Sides

Ever wondered what to serve with chicken and dumplings? Chicken and dumplings is already a great dish on its own. This dish is a delight for family or holiday dinners with its tasty broth brought about by flavorful herbs. 

Chicken and dumplings is a hearty and homely dish that is typically eaten for a day of comfort in the winter. This dish has been a favorite for hundreds of years and is perfect for a family weekend dinner. It’s prevalent in the Southern states of the US and Quebec.

What to Serve With Chicken and Dumplings

A chicken and dumplings dish has excellent elements, including flour dough, chicken broth, and vegetables. But if you’re looking for side dishes that will elevate this homely dish from great to extraordinary, you have come to the right place. Here are 13 delicious sides to serve with chicken and dumplings.

1. Brussels Sprouts

When cooked properly, brussels sprouts are delicious. Apart from their deliciousness, they are a good source of vitamins and minerals. They are the perfect sidekick to any main dish, including chicken and dumplings. They have a crunchy texture that compliments the soft juiciness of chicken and dumplings. 

The secret hack to getting beautifully caramelized brussels sprouts is in the method of preparation. Roast or sauté your Brussels sprouts in a pan after steaming for the best results. Add herbs like garlic and thyme for a more flavorful side dish.

2. Fresh Green Salad

Chicken and dumplings is not the healthiest dish. While it is flavorful and filling, it also comprises a great deal of fat from the cream in the dumplings. So, you’ll want to pair your dish with something fresh, light, and nutritious. And what screams nutritious and tasty more than a crisp bowl of fresh green salad? 

It’s easy to prepare, healthy, and gives a lovely crunchy contrast to the chicken and dumplings main. Whatever greens, vegetables, or cheese you use is your prerogative. But you may want to finish it up nicely with a tart vinaigrette to add a tangy element to the dish.

3. Corn Pudding

Corn pudding is a staple side dish for family gatherings and winter evening meals. And it’s no wonder because it is delicious, pairs well as a sweet side, and is easy to make. 

It is a creamy smooth pudding that pairs well with the rich flavor of chicken and dumplings. And it creates a balance in flavor, satisfying those sweet cravings after a hearty dish.

4. Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate mousse is a decadent, creamy dessert treat. It’s fluffy, light, and the perfect chaser for a big bowl of rich flavorful chicken and dumplings. This is the ideal side to serve with chicken and dumplings if you crave something sweet but light. It’s also easy to prepare, with just five ingredients required. 

5. Cornbread

Cornbread is a simple and straightforward side dish to make if you love to bake. It has its roots in Native American cooking and is a staple food in Southern states of the US. It is buttery and can be used as a sweet or savory side. Cornbread pairs amazingly with many dishes and is a great option when deciding what to serve with chicken and dumplings.

6. Swiss Chard Salad

Laced with a citrus dressing, flavored breadcrumbs, and cheese, Swiss chard salad is a dream. It’s a colorful salad with a burst of freshness. And this side adds a whole new level concerning texture and flavor. 

This site complements several dishes with its fresh and complex taste. The tangy flavor of lemony vinaigrette slices beautifully through the umami taste of the chicken and dumplings.

7. Sweet and Sour Cabbage With Bacon

Sweet and sour cabbage with bacon is a simple side dish, but it absolutely bursts with flavor. It has salty, acidic, and sweet elements that make your taste buds sing. 

The bacon is crispy, giving a complementary contrast to the velvety texture of the dumplings. And these flavors pair tremendously well with chicken and dumplings.

8. Sautéed Collard Greens

It’s important to eat your greens, and collard greens are one of the most beneficial vegetables to eat. Sautéed collard greens are a quick and easy side dish to prepare. And it embodies everything a side dish should be with a complementary flavor, great texture, and healthy nutrients. 

These vegetables are packed with fiber making you full for longer. Simply sauté your blanched collard greens in a bit of oil over a medium heat for a few minutes.

9. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a traditional staple present at potlucks, family dinners, or special occasions. It is made by boiling potatoes, mashing them, and whipping in milk and butter for that creamy texture. Salt, pepper, and other spices are added to taste. 

Mashed potatoes are creamy, rich,  and packed with flavor. They’re easy to make and an absolute crowd-pleaser. Not to mention, they pair excellently with chicken and dumplings.

10. Banana Pudding

Banana pudding is an excellent option if you’re looking for a sweet dish to finish your hearty meal of chicken and dumplings. It is made with layers of vanilla-flavored custard, sliced bananas, cookies, and whipped cream. 

This is a delectable dessert and a classic Southern recipe. And it’s easy to make as it doesn’t require any cooking.

11. Fruit Salad

Fruit salad is not just an appetizer or dessert. It can also stand in as a healthy, fresh, and tasty side dish. And fruit salad is super easy to make as simply slice up your favorite fruits into a bowl. 

There are so many recipes for fruit salad, and you can try out an endless number of combinations. If you’re leaning towards a tarter taste for your salad, you can add Greek yogurt or drizzle some lime juice over your salad. You can opt to include honey for additional sweetness.

12. Sautéed Green Beans

Green beans are a beloved and timeless side dish featured in various cuisines. They are very nutritious and provide a fresh, crisp accompaniment. Green beans are typically sautéed with garlic and butter or oil to add more flavor. Boiling or steaming the beans before sautéing is advised. 

After boiling or steaming, you can cool the green beans and store them in the fridge for later. Sautéing with butter and garlic takes about four minutes. And you’re left with a quick and delicious side for chicken and dumplings.

13. Broccoli Salad

Broccoli salad is not your average side dish. But it’s nutritious and appealing to the eye. It is colorful and packed with plenty of flavors. The crisp broccoli, which is the star of this side, will complement the fluffy texture of the dumplings in your main dish. 

This salad is often dressed in mayonnaise, cheese, and honey, making it refreshing and tangy. The creamy dressing is perfect as it marries beautifully with the fluffy dumplings.


Chicken and dumplings is a hearty dish best served in cold weather. But pairing this dish perfectly can be a bit tricky. The above-listed sides are fantastic side dishes on their own. And when paired with chicken and dumplings will elevate the meal to perfection.