What Does Crab Taste Like?

Do you want to try crab? If so you might be hesitating because you want to know what it tastes like. There is little worse when it comes to food than taking the risk of trying something new and not enjoying it.

How Crab Tastes

‘Crab meat’ or ‘crabmeat’ usually comes from one of the most available species of crab such as the brown crab, blue crab, king crab, snow crab, and there are others. These all have a similar taste overall, with a delicate and sweet flavor that only tastes somewhat like fish without the typical aftertaste.

  • Delicate and sweet
  • Soft texture
  • Whiteish to brownish in appearance which can affect the taste
  • Some species of crab do taste sweeter than others
  • Most crab has a natural salty flavor
  • It has a subtle taste of fish without the aftertaste

The seasonings people use can affect the overall flavor of crab meat to a large degree, so if you have tried it before and didn’t like it at the time, do consider that seasonings can alter your perceptions of how crab tastes. 

The freshness is another matter to account for when it comes to flavor. Fresh crab tastes a lot milder and is less pungent, as such canned crab is not the perfect way for a newcomer to taste crab meat for the first time.

You may find that you prefer the white meat over the brown meat, or perhaps the other way around. For this reason, most crab is often served with a mixture of both. The white meat often comes from the claw of the crab rather than from different species of crab.

Overall crab is mild but still flavorful, the texture is wonderful, it is simply delicious through and through.