Palm Sugar Substitute: 6+ Ideas

Palm sugar is touted as a natural sweetener from the sap of palm flowers. It is a predominant sweetener in Southeast and East Asia. And a wide variety of suitable alternatives are available if you are looking for a palm sugar substitute. 

This sweetener is an unrefined sugar, as it undergoes minimal processing and no chemicals are included. The natural sugar has slight hints of caramel flavor. And palm sugar is a common preservative used in many canned goods, sauces, etc.

This article will explore all the options that can be the perfect substitute for palm sugar.

What is Palm Sugar?

Palm sugar is a natural sweetener made from boiling the sap collected from palm flowers. These flowers are predominantly grown in Asia, New Guinea, and Africa.

The sap collected from the flowers is boiled until it reduces to sugar crystals. Palm sugar can be made from different varieties of palm trees, including sugar, palmyra, date, toddy, and coconut palms. 

The process of making palm sugar is labor-intensive and time-consuming as well. This is why these sugars are slightly more expensive for North Americans than brown or granulated sugars. 

In ancient times, palm sugar was solidified by boiling the sugarcane until it thickened. These can then be shaved or grated and used in different recipes. Depending upon the purity of the process and sugarcane, your black can be rock hard or soft and crumbly.

Although it has a wide variety of health benefits, it has a similar mild caramel flavor, which resembles honey or white sugar. 

Substitutes for Palm Sugar

There are many alternatives to all-natural sweeteners, and palm sugar is no different. Here you can find a list of ideal alternatives for palm sugar. These will match the natural sweetener’s flavor, notes, and texture.

1. Maple Sugar

Maple sugar is an entirely natural and organic sweetener popular in North America. You can add this in place of palm sugar as a sweetener for your vegan recipes. 

The sugar is made from the sap collected from sugar maple trees, which is then boiled until all water has evaporated. Maple sugar can be easily transported in candy form or blocks, as it lasts a long time. 

Maple sugar is an excellent substitute for palm sugar, offering a similar caramel and butterscotch flavor. If you cannot get your hands on the sugar, you can use maple syrup in your recipes. 

2. White Sugar and Molasses

You can use white sugar as a substitute for palm sugar by adding a stickier ingredient like molasses. This improves the consistency of the sugar.

When you add molasses to white sugar, it also offers a greater depth of flavor and sweetness. This makes white sugar and molasses the best palm sugar substitute on the market.

You can add two tablespoons of molasses to a cup of white sugar and mix well. As this concoction is a little sweeter, you should use ½ the amount of palm sugar you would generally use in your recipes. 

3. Coconut Sugar

The unfiltered sugar made from the sap of coconut trees is known as coconut sugar. It is the perfect alternative to palm sugar, making it the ideal addition to coffee, cakes, or as a topping to your waffles. 

Unlike palm sugar, coconut sugar is brown. It has a crumbly texture with a delicious caramelly flavor. This natural sugar is nutritious and has a lower glycemic index than white sugar. 

When using coconut sugar instead of palm sugar, you should take a 1:1 substitution. While coconut sugar is less sweet, you won’t notice the difference in a dish full of robust flavors.

4. Date Sugar

Date sugar is made from dehydrated ground dates that resemble granulated sugar. The caramel-like flavor of this natural sweetener makes it one of the best substitutes for palm sugar.

You can use date sugar as a topping for your muffins or a rub for your pork or chicken. This makes the caramel flavor of the sugar shine out. Date sugar is a 1:1 substitution for palm sugar. 

While the date sugar shares a similar appearance to brown sugar, its flavor is a little more intense and enhanced. You can easily prepare date sugar at home. However, it does not dissolve in hot liquids or baked goods like palm sugar.

5. Honey

Honey includes fructose and glucose, which is similar to palm sugar. It makes a great alternative natural sweetener, which can be added to tea or coffee, and used as a cake topping.

Honey is a natural sugar that has been in use since ancient times. The first mention of honey was in 2100 BC and is believed to have originated from Southern Asia. 

This natural sweetener can be added in equal amounts when substituting palm sugar. Since honey is a liquid sweetener, you should ensure that your solution’s consistency is not disturbed before baking.

6. Muscovado Sugar

Muscovado is unrefined cane sugar that contains natural molasses. The intense flavor, moist texture, and rich brown color make it a good substitute for palm sugar. 

This natural sweetener is commonly used while baking cookies, cakes, or candies. The deeper flavor of the sugar also makes it perfect for savory diseases. Muscovado sugar has a rich taste with a smoky aftertaste. 

Muscovado sugar has a more pungent taste when compared to palm sugar. So you need to add a small amount of water before adding it to the solution.


Suppose you’re all out of palm sugar or looking for a low-calorie alternative. In that case, you’ll find the ideal palm sugar substitute above. Maple sugar is your best option if you want the same caramel flavor in an unfiltered form. You can also choose one of the other options if you are looking for something with slightly less or more intense flavor than palm sugar.