Flautas Vs. Taquitos

Are you unclear about the difference when comparing flautas vs. taquitos? We have done some research to eliminate any doubts once and for all. While flautas and taquitos might look similar at first glance, they are pretty different in many respects. 

What Are Flautas?

Flautas are a Mexican food made by wrapping a large tortilla around a filling and then deep frying it. The tortillas are typically made from wheat flour and stuffed with shredded meats, vegetables, spices, etc.

This Mexican favorite is usually spiced with cayenne peppers, cumin, and garlic. The filling of the flautas is cooked on the stove to ensure that all the flavors blend well together. Then, it is placed on the tortilla’s center, which is rolled tightly and deep fried.

What Are Taquitos?

Taquitos are another popular type of Mexican food and can be described as rolled tacos. They are small and made using corn tortillas, often filled with a spicy filling. The filling usually contains shredded chicken or beef sprinkled with grated cheese. 

These small tacos are rolled up into bite-sized pieces and then deep or shallow fried. This makes the taquitos crispy. Taquitos are typically served with sour cream or guacamole as part of a party platter or quick snack. 

Flautas Vs. Taquitos: What’s the Difference?

While flautas and taquitos are both beloved foods, these Mexican dishes are widely different in flavor and ingredients. 


The significant difference when comparing flautas vs. taquitos is the tortilla used in making them. Flautas are made with wheat flour tortillas, whereas taquitos are made using corn tortillas. Their fillings also differ based on where they are served. 

Flautas usually contain beef, chicken, or pork mixed with potatoes, onions, or jalapenos. Compared to this, taquitos are rather basic and contain a simple filling of shredded beef or chicken. And they are sprinkled with grated cheese for a creamier texture. 


Flautas are made using larger-sized tortillas, which look similar to a burrito. Once filled, they are rolled to resemble a flute-like shape. A standard flauta is approximately 8 inches long but can sometimes be longer. 

On the other hand, taquitos are made with smaller tortillas. They are more appropriate as appetizers, whereas flautas can be eaten as a meal.


How flautas and taquitos are rolled can vary, resulting in different shapes. Flautas are traditionally rolled so that one end of the roll is slightly wider than the other. This gives it a cone-like structure. 

However, taquitos are rolled as small cylinders, so you can conveniently eat them on the go. 


While both Mexican staples are packed with flavor, they vary in size, shape, and ingredients. As such, they each deliver a different flavor profile and are used in different circumstances. Hopefully, this flautas vs. taquitos comparison has clarified these and helped to avert confusion.