What’s a Good Cheese Like Monterey Jack?

Monterey Jack is a type of semi-hard cheese that originated in Monterey, California. Considered both a Mexican and American cheese it is highly aromatic with a pale yellow appearance.

It has a distinctively buttery and mild flavor that is much loved for melting and sprinkling over dozens of foods including pasta, sandwiches, subs, and more.

There are many cheeses that are similar to Monterey Jack. Check out some of the options below to find ones that will be suitable for your own tastes and needs.

List Of Cheeses Like Monterey Jack

While there are several cheeses on this list the ones most like Monterey Jack according to flavor and type are Colby, Gouda, Edam, and Comte.

Muenster cheeseMildSoft
Havarti cheeseButtery, Creamy, SweetSemi-soft
Gouda cheeseCreamy, Nutty, SweetSemi-hard
Edam cheeseMild, Nutty, SaltySemi-hard
Parmesan cheeseFruity, Nutty, Sharp, SavoryHard
Colby cheeseMild, SweetSemi-hard
Cheddar cheeseCreamy, SharpHard
Mozzarella cheeseMilkySemi-soft
Emmental cheeseMild, MilkyHard
Comtè cheeseFruity, Nutty Savory, Smoky, Sweet, SaltySemi-hard