What to Serve with French Toast: 9 Incredible Sides

French toast makes for a delicious breakfast, brunch, lunch, or even snack. What makes it even better? Perfect and delicious sides.

So what side dishes should you serve with french toast? Well… There are lots of amazing and delicious things to serve with french toast!

Check out some of our ideas that we think you’ll love.

1. Bacon

Go with some delicious smoked streaky bacon that is crisped up to perfection. The fats of the bacon and the difference in texture are simply sublime with french toast.  

Couple this with a cold glass of orange juice or a rich roasted coffee and you too can dine like a Parisian.

2. Ham

An alternative to bacon with french toast is ham. For one thing, the flavor is just right, and for another, you’ve got the contrasting hot/cold going on which works so well.

Add a generous number of slices of thick cold cuts of ham with the fat still on for a mouth-watering delight. 

3. Scrambled eggs

bowl of scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs make an excellent addition to french toast. If you go for the thick and fluffy kind of scrambled eggs then the textures go together better than with the smaller more crumbly scrambled eggs that some people prefer.

Add in a little butter to your eggs towards the end of cooking them to make them extra delicious and creamy.

Serving scrambled eggs with french toast can also be combined with bacon or ham to make a real feast.

4. Sausage

Sausage makes a perfect side dish for french toast or even some smoked chipolatas. Cook these up and serve them right alongside savory french toast for a burst of flavor that will make your mouth water just thinking about it.

For a twist try frying up some sausage meat in its fats with the pan lid on and then season well with some black pepper to taste. This makes a delicious accompaniment to french toast that should not be missed!

5. Syrup

If you are making sweet french toast then syrup is a go-to that always goes down a treat.

Drizzle a little of your preferred syrup over buttered french toast, if you want to go for a healthier option you could try some runny honey.

6. Fresh fruit

Mixtures of berries go well with lots of breakfast foods such as pancakes, but they also make a sweet and succulent addition to french toast.

bowl of mixed fruit

Fresh fruit is often added on top of powdered french toast and sometimes alongside it. Choose whichever method you would prefer.

Other popular fruit options include bananas, strawberries, and avocados.

7. Smoked salmon

If you like fish then smoked salmon is the perfect option to serve with french toast.

Add copious amounts of smoked salmon alongside buttery french toast and take delicious bites of both at the same time to enjoy something that a real special treat.

8. Powdered sugar

If you’re going for sweet-style french toast and want something that you would authentically have in a French restaurant? Powdered sugar is what you need.

There is just something special about the slight change in the texture and the sweetness that is noticeable the moment the food enters your mouth. 

Sometimes this is then topped with fresh fruit but equally, you can have it all on its own as a sweet and delicious breakfast.

9. Mushrooms

Sliced mushrooms cooked in a little butter add a real something to french toast. 

You can use whichever types you like, but chestnut mushrooms work really well in our opinion. 

Cook a generous amount of mushrooms and eat them over the top or alongside your french toast for a nice vegetarian side dish.

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