Sweet Rice Flour Substitutes: 3 Best Options

Sweet rice flour has become a loved and famous ingredient for sweet Asian desserts. The growing popularity of this ingredient means it is popping up in recipes everywhere. 

If you find yourself needing a sweet rice flour substitute then we’ve got you covered.

Check out these top alternative options.

1. Sorghum flour

Because it is so versatile sorghum flour makes an excellent replacement for sweet rice flour. This gluten-free alternative works in both sweet and savory dishes because it has an inoffensive and mild flavor that can be added to as required.

While you may not have heard of it before, sorghum is considered to be the fifth-most important cereal crop in the world. Related to sugarcane and maize (corn) it is a ready-made replacement for other kinds of flour.

Today it is becoming a well-loved type of flour by many bakers who tout both the health benefits, and the amazing flexibility that it offers in the kitchen.

To substitute sorghum flour in place of sweet rice flour you just need to follow the 1:1 ratio. It doesn’t require much adjustment at all in terms of the amount of flour used. Some recommend adding a little extra water to give the mixture an even stickier finish.

You also don’t need to worry about adding any additional sugars for added sweetness as sorghum is naturally sweet. If you do wish to use additional sugar then do so gradually – adding no more than half a teaspoon at a time.

Because it requires so little in terms of additional steps and because the flavor won’t be an issue, it is hard to argue that sorghum flour isn’t the perfect alternative.

2. Almond flour

Almond flour is a great substitute doe sweet rice flour. Versatile and healthy, this gluten-free, low carb, healthy fats-containing alternative is now used in many popular baked foods.

You should be ready to adjust the sugar contents of any mixture that you make with almond flour because it is not as sweet as sweet rice flour. Start by adding 1-2 tablespoons of white sugar and adjust to taste.

The same can be said of the flour itself you can try a 1:1 ratio but start slow and adjust as needed to meet the desired viscosity.

Almond flour might be the number one substitute for sweet rice flour out there, if you can’t find sorghum flour in your grocery store or online that is!

3. Coconut flour

Coconut flour makes a good substitute for sweet rice flour because of its availability and frequent use in recipes like those that SRF is used for.

Gluten-free and vegan-friendly this flour is a good choice for those who have special dietary requirements.

Coconut flour is naturally sweet making it a good alternative for natural sugars. This can be important to take into consideration because where other substitutes require adding sugar coconut flour does not.

Coconut flour isn’t as glutinous as rice flour so you will need to adjust the ratios of liquid content in the mixture. Opting for less liquid will help keep things stickier which can be a requirement in some recipes.