Foods A-Z: Chicken

Chicken was the most common meat available in the middle ages. Today, it is still the world’s most common source of protein and one of almost everyone’s favorite foods. 

The chicken is a member of the bird family, and there are many species eaten around the world. Charles Darwin analyzed the regular chickens and concluded that they came from long-term mix breeding of the Red jungle fowl. 

Chicken came into the limelight because it is a healthier meat option than beef and pork. The chicken itself contains very low fat, with most of its fat in the skin, making it far healthier. Chicken can be prepared in various ways and is the main ingredient in numerous world-famous dishes. 

What Are the Culinary Uses of Chicken?

Chicken is one of the most versatile foods on the planet. Just to name a few, chicken can be grilled, roasted, braised, fried, boiled, sauteed, and even baked. It’s frequently used as a main course but often incorporated into many side dishes. Regardless of how it’s prepared, chicken can be incorporated into almost every meal and still make a mind-blowing dish.

Some of the most popular chicken dishes include rice, mashed and baked potatoes, salads, coleslaw, cheesy broccoli, casseroles, etc. There are so many that we just can’t mention them all. The bottom line is that no matter the type of cuisine, chicken can be easily introduced into any dish.



What Are the Different Varieties of Chicken?

Chickens are one of the most widespread and versatile meats with wide varieties. While some might taste the same, there are subtle differences in flavor and texture. Chickens can also be categorized in different ways. This depends on how they’re bred and what purpose they’re bred to serve. 

However, the following are the most common varieties of chicken: 

Broilers: These are the most common chickens bred for meat production. They are usually ready for consumption at 8 to 13 weeks old. The broiler special is the mass amount of meat they contain even at such a tender age. Their meats are tender and can be prepared by any type of cooking method such as grilling, frying, etc.

Roasters: The roasters usually age to about 3 to 5 months before they are ready to eat. Meanwhile, they are tender but even more flavorful than the broilers. They make superb meals when roasted and can also be prepared using other methods. An average-sized ready-for-consumption roaster will serve 5 to 7 persons.

Stewing Chicken: These are always around 9 to 10 months of age and weigh up to 7 pounds. The stewing chicken is usually very flavorful and tougher in texture than the earlier mentioned variety. This is because they are more mature and older. They are best used for soups. They can also be cooked by simmering.

Capons: This variety of chicken is the castrated male chicken. They are usually aged around 8 months and sometimes weigh around 9 pounds. They are unique for their production of white meat, but they generally contain more fat content. They are the tastiest type of chicken meat and are also tender. They are great for grilling, and an average size should feed about 8 people.

Interesting Facts About Chicken

  • There are currently more chickens in the world than humans
  • It is said that the regular chicken is a descendant of the red jungle fowl from Southeast Asia
  • Chickens dream like humans when they sleep
  • An average course of cooked chicken contains 337 calories. This is doubled when the chicken is fried.
  • The human body is open to about 30 different nutrients when consuming about 100g of chicken.
  • More than half of the order entries for chickens at stores, restaurants, hotels, and fast-food chains are fried chicken.
  • Americans alone consume over 7 million chickens annually
  • It is illegal to eat fried chicken with a fork somewhere in Georgia.

What Are the Health Benefits of Eating Chicken?

Chicken is a significant source of protein and produces more protein than any other food. The amino acid contained in the meat is a vital bodybuilder and muscle creator. Chicken meat is also vital for weight management. As a food high in protein, it regulates body fat and helps keep the body weight in check.

The meat of a chicken contains numerous nutrients such as B vitamins, vitamin D, iron, etc. Consuming chicken rather than other meats can help reduce the amount of cholesterol in the body. It is also said that chicken meat can help regulate blood pressure and works as an anti-depressant.